About us.

Welcome to Sonneveld Plants. We are a family company that has specialized in the production of many species of summer flowers from propagation for the last 25 years. In the autumn we produce Cyclamen and Poinsettias. Our company is based in Honselersdijk, close to the auction Flora Holland, which means we can quickly fulfill our customer’s desires.

The foundation of Kwekerij Sonneveld Plants was laid in 1982, when vegetables and cut flowers were produced. In 1990 there was a switch to Pelargoniums and Poinsettias. In order to answer the increasingly greater demand of our customers, we moved from the 10,000 meter greenhouse at the Monstersepad in Naaldwijk to a 20,000 meter greenhouse at the Molenbroeklaan in Honselersdijk in 2004. Our collection has been broadened since 2014 with the production of Cyclamen, so that we could offer our customers an even wider variety. In 2013 youngest son Bas Sonneveld bound himself to Sonneveld Plants. Which guarantees the dynamics and flexibility for the future. By delivering customized work, quality and a broad collection we can be of excellent service.